38: Becoming a "Boundary Athlete" With Royal and M'Lisa 

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In this Episode of The Spa Strong Podcast, we wanted to talk to y’all about setting boundaries at your spa! This is something we were talking to one of our beautiful estheticians about recently, and we thought it’d be a good idea to share the concept with all of y’all.

If setting boundaries and standing up for yourself and your business don’t come easily or are new concepts for you, it can feel really awkward and uncomfortable to start. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing for you to do!

So what does it mean to be a “Boundary Athlete”? You’ll have to listen to find out! And don’t forget to download the cheat sheet (directly above!) so you can get the most out of this Episode.

If you’re realizing you have a strong need for boundaries in your esthetics practice, check out our book, Boundaries in Esthetics, where we cover 5 vital ways you can set and maintain professional boundaries in your career. Order your copy here.

This week we featured two amazing Esties!

Our Badass of the Week is Marta @thesebrowsaintloyal - Marta has experienced and overcome so much (more than simply COVID and quarantine) this year, but she has not let heartbreak or anything else stop her from opening her own business and moving her career forward. Listen in to hear her story and visit her IG to support her in her Badassery!

Our Review of the Week was left by Holly @hollyc.skincare - Thank you so much for your support, Holly! We truly appreciate you listening to our Podcast and we’re so glad it has been helping you!

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In this Episode we referenced Royal’s Physical Therapist, Dr Alison Ramos. To hear more from Ali, check out Episode 21 of The Spa Strong Podcast.

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