41: Using Brand Ambassadors to Grow Your Clientele, With Madeleine Biscocho, LE

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In this Episode of The Spa Strong Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Madeline Biscocho. Madeline (Maddy) is a Licensed Master Esthetician and owner of Beyond Beauty Esthetics in Sugarland, TX.

Listen in as Maddy shares how she built her spa in a new city where she didn’t have any connections by utilizing Brand Ambassadors in the area. By putting herself out there and talking to people she didn’t know, she was able to build a thriving career and position herself as a sought-after skincare expert in the Houston area.

Maddy also discusses how she was able to keep her business going even during COVID-19 and continue to offer her clients the skincare support they needed.

Head to @beyondbeauty.esthetics on IG or TikTok @thehoustonesthetician to hear more from Maddy!

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