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Episode 57:

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Winn Claybaugh, the Dean/Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools and author of Be Nice (Or Else!). Listen in as Winn gives his top advice to newly graduated Beauty Professionals. This information is SO good, that you should listen even if you aren't newly graduated!

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Episode 56:

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Celeste Rodrigues, Licensed Esthetician. Celeste is a Celebrity Esthetician based in Beverly Hills, and also has practices in Las Vegas and New York. On top of that, she is a single mother! Listen in to learn how she balances her busy spa business and being a mom to her little girl.

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Episode 55:

In this solo episode with Royal and M'Lisa, we talked about the most recent California COVID-19 shutdowns. Although this is incredibly frustrating, there are things you can do to keep your spa business growing even during these uncertain times! Listen in to learn how.

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Episode 54:

This week M'Lisa and Royal did a solo episode to talk to y'all about how M'Lisa was able to overcome limiting, scarcity-based mindsets that held her back professionally and financially, and adopt an abundance mentality even though it was way outside her comfort zone! 

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Episode 53:

In today’s Episode, we introduced the newest members of the Spa Strong team, Michael and Savanna Hansen. We are so excited to introduce you guys to them because we love them, and we know you guys will too!

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Episode 52:

In today’s Episode, it’s Day 5 so we’re talking about BOUNDARIES! We talk about boundaries a lot here at Spa Strong and it's because we value them SO MUCH! Listen to this Episode as we discuss 3 boundaries you need in your spa or beauty business.

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Episode 51:

In today’s Episode, it’s Day 4 so we’re talking about MINDSET (and ACCOUNTABILITY)! You probably hear people talking about mindset all the time, right? But does it REALLY make that big of a difference?? The answer is YES! Listen to this Episode to learn about mindset and accountability and how they correlate with the success of your spa or beauty business!

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Episode 50:

In today’s Episode, it’s Day 3 so we’re talking about SALES!

Does the thought of selling freak you out a little bit? I get it-- I used to feel the same way! So listen in to learn why selling IS NOT slimy (if you're selling for the right reasons!) and why it is necessary to sell when it comes to growing your biz and keeping your clients happy!

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Episode 49:

In today’s Episode, it’s Day 2 so we’re talking about MARKETING!

Listen in to learn WHY you need to focus on improving your marketing skills, why you need to think like your Ideal Client, and how you can make your marketing more effective! 

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Episode 48:

In this episode, we start off our Badass Beauty Biz Series!! We’re talking about VISIBILITY! Listen in to learn WHY you need to be visible as a spa or beauty business owner, and HOW you can increase that visibility! Day 1 here we go!!!

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