These are all our favorite things! The resources, softwares, in-take forms, courses we love! Take a look and see what you could use to help your esthetics practice grow!

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In-Take Forms

These Forms help you cover your bases to protect you, your business, and your clients! They can be used "as-is" or as a template to build your own forms. 

*We always recommend you check with an attorney to verify your Forms cover all of your state's requirements and your professional preferences. 

Treatment Survey

This GAME-CHANGING Form will help you stay in communication with clients and avoid ghosting!

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Health & Skin History Form

Get the information you need to identify contraindications and determine client needs. Great for any skincare service!

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Spa Policies & Photography Waiver

Use this Form to keep clients informed about your policies AND to gain their consent before taking pics!

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Esthetics Treatment Consent

Protect yourself and your clients by keeping them aware of risks and gaining consent before treating!

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More Resources Coming Soon!